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A Place Where Friends Can Gather

The Brazen Head on Bridge Street was for centuries the site of much plotting and intrigue as revolutionaries of different eras found it a safe haven in which to conspire. Robert Emmett, Daniel O’Connell and Tim Healy, among others, drank and planned within its ancient walls. The Brazen Head of Omaha, in its entirety, was established to emulate the rich traditions that have made the authentic Irish pubs across Ireland famous. Thus, we chose the oldest and most revered pub in Dublin as our paradigm.


The oldest pub in Ireland having been a hostelry since 1198. The current establishment was built in 1754


The establishment was built in 1198 A.D. at the head of the River Liffey, where the Norman soldiers guarded the gate that provided the only access into Dublin. On cold, damp nights, these soldiers would warm their hands over brazers (barrels of fire). Therefore, they named this hotel/pub in Dublin the Brazen Head, for the location at the head of the River Liffey and for the “brazers” that the soldiers used to warm their hands.

The original pub's intricate wood work, inviting bar, and cozy snug seating had inspired our Omaha homage.

Our bar was designed in Dublin, built in Wexford, Ireland and then shipped over to the United States. The bar was then reassembled under the supervision of Irish joiners. A variety of expertise in crafts were required to make the ideal pub. Michael Griffen designed the pub, including the back bars, unique ceilings, mosaic floors, bric-a-brac and genuine antique memorabilia that were necessary to create the essential ambience and atmosphere of the pub. All of the beautiful woodwork was handcarved by B. Dunbar & Sons, third generation joiners.


Larry Good and Teri Ochoa continue the tradition of serving great food and drinks since taking over in October 2019.  Originally opened by Tom Simmons in December of 1998.

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